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Wrong size, self service (no service) and surprise

Sizing is definatly on the small size, return policy are archaic and costly for international customer. To top it of, the logistic chain never got my return, therefore I lost more than 450$ anadian dollars from duty, shipping fee for return and no goods to count for.

Hi Yanick, thanks for your review. I know we've been in regular contact regarding your order, the customs fees and the return, but to clarify, all orders from 25th January have included any customs or duties, it's unfortunate that you ordered just before that new system went live on 25th of Jan. I understand your return has yet to reach us. We have seen a number of delays in international shipping times via the standard service you used, so once again, as soon as your return does arrive back with us, you will be refunded for your order.

We are working on a global free returns service however, as a very small business, it's currently not financially viable without us hugely increasing the costs of our products to our customers to cover the added cost. We would prefer to keep our costs as affordable as we can.

For any other help with your order, please do email us at and I'll be happy to help.

Inspiring t-Shirt

Great product that stands out and gives you huge motivation to cycle and to exceed your cycling objectives. It’s a moving “to do bucket list”!!! And fita very well also!!! Congratulations to BoC!!!

Thermoascent Long Sleeve

6'3", 97kg, 44 inch chest and XXL was a good "race" fit. With extra long arms the jersey had plenty of sleeve length compared to other manufacturers. Cannot fault the quality, design and comfortable feel. Perfect cool weather jersey at a very reasonable price. Nice job.


Very nice, comfortable and warm winter (autumn & spring too). I’ve got quite a small head so worried it might not fit being a single size, but it’s very soft and stretchy so fits well but would easily fit a bigger head too. Keeps my ears warm but the lower sides can be flipped up to give some cooling. Doesn’t block sound, so no safety issues.

Great Product, shipping execution and workmanship

caldo e comodo

Ottimo per le giornate invernali, Utilizzato con temperature inferiori ai 5° e tiene la testa calda e asciutta!

Cutest espresso mug

These will be your new favorite. They hold your espresso warm and are simply adorable

Pro seasons jersey

Excellent jersey. I bought a medium and it’s a great fit and allows me to wear a thin long sleeve base layer underneath. I’m 5ft 10 and 69kg. It’s looks great and the colours really pop! I bought the blue/red. A very versatile jersey for cold days with a base layer and I’ll hopefully be wearing it a months time with a sleeveless base layer. It has 3 nice deep rear pockets.

Disappointed with fit

I’m 195cm tall (6’5) and weigh 92kg. I’m usually between an L to XL in normal clothing. I know there’s this mad sizing protocol in general in cycling (... IDK why!! It’s really irritating) but I bought the XXXL and it’s not long enough. Cycling must be full of midgets (I say facetiously) because they seem to sell XS size...!! Material is nice, seems to be of good quality, just strikes me as bizarre than a 3XL is so tiny



Cool(ish) T

Love the colour and the pockets... brilliant innovation and fit an iphone12 👍🏻 Bit underwhelmed with the quality even tho it’s tekky I think you could have done a better job with detail for the money, although I got it in the sale so dont want to complain too much however I have similar t’s from China that were way way cheaper. 2nd casual item from BoC I have with similar opinion... just seems quite far removed from what I get with the performance cycling kit, I have a lot of BoC stuff that is all 5 star and among my favourite stuff - in addition the BoC brand is probably my favourite so that’s why I’m more disappointed

Great hoody

Lovely length and good fit
Was a bit worried I’d need to size up based on other comments but not so
Not bulky so can wear under a down jacket if required

Very Nice Sweat-Shirt

True to size and warm, it’s a sweat-shirt you never want to take off. Great piece of cycling fashion!!!

Strom Shield Jacket fits perfectly

Hey there, I ordered a navy-blue Storm Shield Jacket Size M and got exactly the right one. It feels soft and comfortable on the skin. It fits perfectly for my preferences - which is Cross Country Skiing these weeks - we have massive snow in Innsbruck/Tirol and so I extend my running season with the Storm Shield. Ideal for temperatures around 0 degree celsius in winter conditions. I wear it just with a short sleeve shirt below. The jacket is an eye-catcher on the tracks, which are dominated by traditional, parrot-like designed cross country suits :-> Only delivering time was not so good - Royal Mail and Österr. Post AG delivered pretty quickly (2-3 days), but customs in Vienna rested their bones for 17 days :-

High quality product

Love the throw back to the 70s GB kit, please do a short sleeve in the same colour way.

Lovely Fit

Fits very well and accommodates my hair bun (im Female).
Ears will be happy and warm out of the pesky wind.

Good quality / bad delivery

I like the products i bought. Nice quality without a doubt. Unfortunately shipping from the UK to Germany seems to be as catastrophic as the entire brexit process...

Nothing special

I love Band of Climbers brand, mission and what they do... I have loads of cycling kit from them and I love it... all 5 stars, however this hoodie is simple plain vanilla and a bit dissapointing. It’s a good enough hoodie and I got it in sale so won’t complain about price but it’s not the plush hoodie with high quality graphics ( screen printed not stitched/embroidered) that I was hoping for.

love this product

the material is great, the fit is perfect and the BOC mesh on the back is very slick!

Really nice clothes with great quality :-)

Cycling socks

I bought the socks as a gift. I found BOC to provide great service and fast delivery. The recipient was very pleased and told me they were ..‘Very comfortable‘. Will order again 👍🚴‍♀️

Great quality and size

Love the vest.

Great quality and good fit!

Great quality product 5'9 height 63 kg. Sizing comes small. So go for a size or 2 bigger. Excellent material. Ordered 3 tops will order again. Thankyou

I'm 5'9 and weight 63kg I got on xl in size. The product is great has ti return it twice. Sizing comes small but great return service and quick on refund to reorder right size. Ordered 3 tops will order again thankyou